McCormack SLF
"Bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience"




Scout Sports and Entertainment
75 Varick St., New York, NY 10013
March 30th, 2019
10:00am EST
The McCormack Sport Leaders Forum seeks to inspire and connect students and professionals alike in order to understand critical issues impacting the sport industry of today, and tomorrow. Our goal is to create a network of passionate sport management leaders who will determine the future direction of sport management and a path for how to get there together as an industry.


  1. Networking with Peers and Professionals
    Networking with Peers and Professionals
    At the conference you will have the chance to build your network with other top students in similar positions to you and professionals that are already in the industry.
  2. Opportunity to Learn From Industry Professionals
    Opportunity to Learn From Industry Professionals
    During our Lunch-n-Learn session, you will be able to hear from and speak with industry professionals about their career path. You will also be able to receive valuable feedback from them regarding industry topics in specific departments.
  3. Chance to Hear From an Industry Executive
    Chance to Hear From an Industry Executive
    During the conference, you will have the chance to hear from two industry executives that have risen to the top throughout their career. They will share advice they have for students in your position in the keynote presentation.


  1. "This conference was a great way to be able to network with a variety of professionals in different areas within sports and pick their minds on what it took to get to where they were. The conference also was a great way to interact with other students and work on a real life case study which helps reenact  some scenarios we may be presented with in the  future."

    – Joseph Bowker 

  2. "The Case Study presented a pertinent issue in a specific sporting industry, and not only required us to critically analyze a set of information, but to craft a sales pitch to present to a panel of experts as well."
    – Zachary Zaremba 

  3. "The McCormack FILC was an excellent opportunity to practice applying my knowledge of the industry, enhance my presentation skills, and network with professionals and fellow students."

    – Thomas Waterman 

  4. "A truly amazing experience with opportunities to network with other students and sport professionals while also refining your skills through case studies. As a first year event, one of the more impressive and engaging conferences I have attended."
    – Anonymous 

  5. "This was truly a unique experience. It provided great insight to the sports industry while granting the attendees an opportunity to show their knowledge  through real world experience."

    – Samuel Barlow