Athlete Activism
Athlete activism has taken center stage in the past year. More than record-breaking performances, unlikely champions, and unforgettable on-field moments, some of the most significant sports conversations of the year have focused on athletes speaking up, taking a knee, and addressing social issues through sports. Increased activism has brought attention to critical issues in the world at large and allowed an open and sometimes heated conversation around athletes, teams, leagues, sponsors, and broadcasters. During this panel, educators, athletes, and social commentators will discuss the role of athletes in influencing our social and political landscape moving forward.
​Importance of Diversity and Changing Sport Culture
Building the foundation to take a sport organization to the next level requires bringing together diverse perspectives and partners. Creating an inclusive and productive environment takes interaction and introspection to reimagine diversity and inclusion and release its transformative power to accelerate and advance its focus beyond race and gender. Organizations that are using sport to impact society through culture, inclusion, and advocacy are setting themselves apart from the competition. In this panel hear how diversity champions are changing their culture to optimize performance, draw out pivotal insights and create unique experiences that help people, teams and fans win.

All About Esports
This panel features Esport pioneers that are all in on the Esports revolution. As Esports popularity grows worldwide, an increasing amount of attention and financial investment is directed toward Esports ventures. From private equity groups to traditional sports franchises, diverse organizations are seeking to leverage their core competencies to build a new business line and reach the engaged Millennial and Gen Z audience. This panel will feature independent and investor-backed team leaders as well as those participating in newly launched Esports leagues discussing how quickly Esports is evolving and what’s needed to build a competitive advantage.
Digital Strategies
This panel features digital innovators that have adapted technology to improve the customer experience and change the way we view sports. With an insatiable appetite for sports, demand for access to athletes and teams has reached unprecedented levels. The evolving digital landscape bring fans closer than ever to the teams and athletes that inspire them, while organizations have more consumer  touch points than ever. Effective investments in social media, streaming, mobile, and video require extensive knowledge of what today’s fans want from their team across different platforms. Stewards of the digital age in sports will share how their organizations are innovating to enhance the fan experience, the investments needed to be successful, and how they see the space changing in the coming years.