The McCormack Sport Leaders Forum seeks to inspire and connect students and professionals alike in order to understand critical issues impacting the sport industry of today, and tomorrow. Our goal is to create a network of passionate sport management leaders who will determine the future direction of sport management and a path for how to get there together as an industry. 

This student-inspired, student-driven conference will host both UMass and non-UMass students, who will be working hand-in-hand with industry professionals to discuss important topics in the current industry. After hearing a keynote addresses from a high-ranking professional in the industry, students will attend breakout panel discussions from top-indsutry professionals followed by a Lunch and Learn session.

During our Lunch and Learn session, students will get a glimpse into a 'day-in-the-life’ through 50 minute sessions based on predesignated room assignments. 2-4 speakers from each industry will start by speaking about how they landed their job and then move into what they do today. They will offer advice about what to skills to develop and what kind of experience or internships are key. After 3-5 minutes from each speaker, we will move into a case-study dependent on the industry.

Upon the conclusion of the case study discussion, students will be able to grow their professional network in networking session. The conference will conclude with another Keynote speaker followed by a reception.